Volunteer Information

Schools cannot accomplish their missions or reach the needs of every child without the assistance of a caring adult. Every volunteer in our school district makes a difference.

Opportunities are limitless to volunteer. We need your help! No task is too small to benefit our students. Ask your child’s teacher or principal how you can help in the school, on field trips and at home.

We are entrusted with caring for the future of our children, and we take this seriously. This is why we screen each volunteer.

Volunteer Process

All volunteers are required to have a complete Volunteer Application Packet on file.

Photo ID: A copy of your photo identification (ID) should accompany your volunteer packet. We will gladly make a photocopy of your ID at the time you turn in your application.

Packets: Packets must be accepted, in person, by school district personnel. District personnel will witness two areas of the volunteer packet. Completed packets can be turned in to the receptionist at the district office located at 6041 Vista Drive, Ferndale OR any school office.

What You Need to Know About the Volunteer Packet

Volunteer Packet: The volunteer packet consists of a basic information form, a background questionnaire, and copies of certain policies and procedures. Please read the information thoroughly and complete all sections of the application packet.

Alternate name includes maiden name, aliases, etc. Please make sure to add any alternate names that you have used in an official or legal capacity.

A Washington State Background Check will be conducted on every volunteer based on the information provided in the application packet. There is no charge for this service. 

Volunteer Database: Ferndale Schools staff at each school is able to view our volunteer database. The administrative staff in each school office can answer questions about the application process and an individual’s own volunteer status.

Annual Update: We ask that volunteers update their application annually only if changes in address, email or phone need to be made. Please contact the District Office at 360.383.9200 to provide updated contact information. A Washington State Background Check must be conducted annually on every volunteer to remain active in our volunteer database. 

Download the FSD Volunteer Full Packet (PDF)