Community Oversight Committee

This information is also available on the We Are Ferndale website Bond Oversight Committee web page.

Community Oversight Committee Bylaws


Meeting Notices and Agendas

July 23, 2019:   Community Oversight Committee Meeting Notice
                         Community Oversight Committee Meeting Agenda
June 18, 2019: Community Oversight Committee Meeting Notice
                         Community Oversight Committee Meeting Agenda
May 21, 2019: Community Oversight Committee Meeting Notice
                        Community Oversight Committee Meeting Agenda
                        Community Oversight Committee Meeting Minutes

School District News Releases

May 24, 2019:

May 15, 2019: 

April 18, 2019

March 26, 2019

March 21, 2019:

Who are the members of the Community Oversight Committee?

  • Riley Cornelsen
  • Anya Milton
  • Bo Smith
  • Ryan Kimball
  • Adam Rustad
  • Sandi McMillan
  • Mark Harting

What requirements were used to choose the Community Oversight Committee?

  • No fewer than 5, no more than 9 members
  • Duration: Extent of the Ferndale School District bond spending
  • Must be a Ferndale School District resident
  • Cannot be a current FSD employee, board member, vendor, contractor, or consultant
  • Cannot be a current City of Ferndale employee or consultant
  • Experienced individuals in a range of professions specific to the 2018 bond projects list (building design/construction, project management, accounting, real estate, finance, education, etc.)
  • Good standing and reputation in the community for fairness and transparency
  • Active community members
  • Number of meetings = 3-6 meetings/year

What are the Community Oversight Committee responsibilities?

The committee responsibilities are to make sure the projects are delivered:

  • On Time, ensuring projects are completed according to schedule.
  • On Budget, ensuring projects stay on track financially.
  • As Promised, ensuring projects match the commitments the District made to taxpayers.
  • With Transparency, ensuring all information is regularly shared with the community.