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Support for Self-Care

Your physical and emotional safety is incredibly important to prioritize right now. Please explore the following documents for ideas on how to ensure both you and your family take care of YOURSELF right now….this will greatly impact your ability to maintain positive relationships and focus during this difficult time. Please reach out to any school staff members if you are needing extra support.

Additional Resources:

 Ferndale High School Parent Support Group

Please visit your child's school counseling webpage for additional resources.

Strategies for Success - Managing Your Child's Big Emotions

Put on by Ferndale Elementary Counselors

Feeling ALL the feels?! So are our students. We can help!

Topics covered in this webinar:

  • What students, families and teachers are experiencing right now
  • Stress reduction strategies
  • Counselor resources available to you and your children this school year
  • Open Q&A time

We care about your student’s wellness! Each Wednesday, our elementary counselors provide a lesson focused on self-care, social/emotional health and coping skills. If you or your child have missed a lesson, please click this link to see all videos together. These are great to watch and discuss together!

 Wednesday Wellness Lessons