School Bus Rules


Every year, Ferndale School District’s buses travel over 650,000 thousand miles and provide over 630,000 student rides (3,500 each day) to and from schools and school-related activities. Even with this high rate of use, school buses remain the safest motor vehicles on the highway—70 times safer than passenger cars, light trucks and vans for transporting children ages 5 to 18, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Transporting your children to and from school each day is a great privilege and a great responsibility. Ferndale School District Transportation Department members strive to create a safe, respectful, and responsible atmosphere on all of our buses and at the bus stops. Our drivers are implementing Positive Behavior Instructional Supports on our buses. Drivers will teach and model for students how to be safe, respectful and responsible while on the bus.

Signs we have posted say we create a safe environment on our buses. The WE in this statement includes school district employees, students and you. We see this as a team effort in which drivers, students, parents and families all play a big part in our children’s success. 

To help ensure that we are working together, we invite you to get to know your bus drivers. Come partner with us so we can ensure your child is successful. We look forward to getting to know you and to making sure that your students begin and end each day with a safe, respectful and responsible experience aboard our buses.


  1. Back to Back — Seat to Seat — Feet on Floor Facing Forward
  2. Food Free Zone
  3. Silence At and During a Railroad Crossing
  4. Cross Only in Front of the Bus
  5. Keep Skateboards, Glass, Any Oversized Objects off the Bus
  • Note: Washington State Administrative Code 392-145 prohibits the transport of heavy, sharp, bulky or other items in the passenger area of any school bus that may be hazardous in the event of an accident or emergency stop. For transportation to and from school, this includes curriculum-related items such as larger musical instruments. Also, helium balloons are not allowed.


  1. Be at Bus Stop 5 Minutes Early and Wait 5 Big Steps Back from Roadway
  2. Go Directly to Your Seat
  3. Get on and off the Bus at Your Designated Stop
  4. Keep all Items Inside Your Backpack and Keep Yourself Inside Your Seat Space
  5. Missing the School Bound Bus—Return to Home
  • Note 1: Written permission or a phone call by parent or guardian to the school principal or designee, who will issue a bus pass to be given to the bus driver, is required to ride another bus or to get off at a different stop.
    Note 2: Parent/Guardian or designee must be present to receive preschool and kindergarten students returning home and departing the bus.


  1. Follow Driver’s Directions at All Times
  2. Use Classroom Voice
  3. Use Polite Words, Treat Each Other with Kindness
  4. Keep Hands and Feet to Yourself
  5. Respect Each Others Space
  • Note: Procedures for infractions—A Bus Conduct Report will be written for a student who does not follow the rules. The report will be given to the school principal who, after determining action to be taken, will give it to the busdriver. The driver will give it to the student. Student will take it home, have a parent/guardian sign it, and return the signed pink and white copies to the driver.


Download Bus Safety Tips flyer (PDF)