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Elementary and Middle School Boundaries and Bus Routes

Please contact transportation (360) 383-9236 for specific bus routes for the 2020-2021 school year. Info finder will be updated at a later time.

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Go to this link to view After School Activity Bus Routes or call our Transportation Department at 360-383-9236.

School Closure & Inclement Weather Telephone Line
24 hours/day
(360) 383-9888

Bus Dispatch Office
(360) 383-9236 – 5:00am to 5:00pm

Be sure to read and discuss with your students the Ferndale School District Guidelines and Rules for Students Riding Buses below.

BUS RIDERSHIP IS A PRIVILEGE. The privilege can and will be revoked for disregarding the rules.

Approximately 2,500 students are transported to and from school daily. In addition, students are transported to athletic contests, music competitions and performances, field trips and other approved activities. The following guidelines and rules are established to promote the safety and well being of students using Ferndale School District vehicles:

    1. Be at the designated bus stop five minutes prior to scheduled pick-up time. The bus cannot wait for tardy students; it has a schedule to keep.
    2. When it is necessary to walk along the roadway, walk on the left side of the road facing traffic. If there is a shoulder or sidewalk, use it.
    3. When crossing the roadway, walk - do not run. Before stepping into the oncoming traffic lane, check in both directions. If the bus is present, cross at least 10 feet in front fo the bus, not behind it - and always wait for the driver's OK.
    4. While waiting for the bus, stay off of the traveled portion of the roadway. Stand on the the sidewalk, if there is one. Do not engage in horseplay. Respect the property of homeowners in teh area. Do not run beside the bus when it is moving.
    5. When loading, form a single line off of the road and wait quietly until the bus has come to a complete stop before moving toward it. Do not push or crowd.
    6. Upon entering the bus, go directly to a seat, sit down and remain seated. 
    7. If you miss the bus, return home. Make alternative arrangements for getting to school with your parent or guardian.
    1. Obey the directions of the bus driver, including the assignment of seating, if required.
    2. Do not stand or sit in the stepwell. Be seated while the bus is in motion facing forward with feet out of the aisle. Keep the aisle and front stepwell clear of books, lunches, coats, packages and musical instruments. When departing, remove all items which were brought onto the bus.
    3. Conduct yourself in a manner that will not distract the driver or disturb other riders. While the bus is moving do not talk to the driver except for important matters or emergencies.
    4. Be quiet while the bus is approaching and crossing railroad tracks so the driver can listen for approaching trains.
    5. Ride only your regulary assigned bus and leave the bus at your designated stop. Written permission or a phone call by your parent to the principal or designee - who will issue a bus pass to be given to the bus driver - is required to ride another bus or to get off at a different stop.
    6. Report any bus damage to the driver. Students are responsible for the cost of repairs to buses and/or vehicles due to vandalism or misuse.
    7. Obtain driver permission before opening a window. State law states that bus windows may be open no more than five inched (5"). Keep hands, head, legs, etc. inside of the bus at all times. Do not throw or pass objects through open windows.
    8. Do not bring knoves, sharp objects, glass items, firearms or live animals on the bus. Do not bring large objects that cannot be held on a student's lap onto the bus. Objects that can come apart or create a mess if dropped should be in closed container (sack, box, etc.)
    9. Use of profane language will not be tolerated. Use or possession of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, drugs or drug paraphernalia, or matches/lighters is not allowed on the bus and will result in a suspension from the bus for five (5) days or more. Possession of these items could result in suspension from school at the principal's discretion.
    10. Deposit paper, food containers, and other unwanted objects in the trash container provided.
    11. Use the fire extinguisher, first aid kit, and ememrgency door only in an emergency and with the permission of the driver or other authorized person. Do not sit in the dirver's seat or touch any instruments on the dashboard.
    12. Do not stand up until the bus has come to a complete stop. Leave the bus in an orderly manner with students in the front unloading first unless otherwise directed.
    1. When it is necessary to cross the road after unloading, cross at least 10 feet in front of the bus. Do not touch or jump over the cross arm. Before stepping into the lane used by oncoming traffic, look both ways to be sure no traffic is approaching from either direction. Glance at the driver, who will signal if it is not safe to cross. Walk, do not run, when crossing the roadway.
    2. Do not loiter around the bus or run beside it when it is moving.
    3. Do not throw balls, rocks or objects of any kind in the area of a school bus stop.
    4. If there is a shoulder or sidewalk, use it. When it is necessary to walk along the roadway, walk on the left facing traffic.
    5. After leaving the bus, go directly home.


Safety is a primary concern. A Bus Conduct Report will be written for a student who does not follow these rules. The report will be given to the principal who, after determining action to be taken, will give it to the bus driver. The driver will give it to the student who is to take it home, have a parent/guardian sign it, and return the signed pink and white copies to the bus driver. (In some cases, the Bus Conduct Report may be mailed to the parents. The designated copies should then be signed and returned to the driver.

Watch our School Bus Rules video below. You may recognize some friendly faces!

A fun and informative video presentation of important rules of bus safety.