English Language Learners

The Ferndale School District includes students and families who speak 18 different languages (including English).  We serve our students Kindergarten through 12th grade through small group and individualized student support.  At Ferndale High School we offer an ELL course for students who would benefit from additional language and academic content support.

How do students qualify for a district’s English language development (ELD) program? 

When students enroll in school, parents complete a Home Language Survey that asks, “Did your child first speak a language other than English?” If the answer is “yes”, the student takes the ELP Placement Test. 

How long do students receive services through the district’s English language development program?

The ELPA 21 Annual Test is given during February and March to every student who is eligible for English Language support. The test measures the students’ growth in English language knowledge and skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The student's score  on the ELPA 21 determines that the student will continue in program. Students continue to be supported  when they meet the exit criteria.

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