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Melinda Cool

Meet Ferndale School Board Vice President & Legislative Representitive Melinda Cool

Published January 14, 2021

Melinda Cool is one of the newest members of the Ferndale School Board. When she was elected in November 2019, she could hardly have imagined the wild ride that would be 2020. “It’s been a very, very long first year,” Melinda reflects.

Melinda is dedicated to ensuring all students are provided a wide variety of educational options and top-notch educators and staff. She also believes deeply in the power of community. “The school district can’t do it alone. I would like our community to be ‘all-in’ with this important work, and I feel I can best help out by always asking questions and always listening to the stakeholders,” she explains.

  Melinda and her family moved to Ferndale in August 2004, just before her oldest son started preschool and her youngest was five months old. They are now enrolled at the University of Utah and Ferndale High School/Running Start, respectively. All four Cools are involved in the community. Melinda’s husband, Sean, is a Ferndale Planning Commissioner; her eldest son, Guyan, was the designer of the mural on the Vista Water Tower, among others, and served as a Ferndale Arts Commissioner; and her youngest son Owen participated on the North Whatcom Poverty Task Force and has been a frequent volunteer at the Ferndale Food Bank.

Melinda works in Customer Service at Samson Rope, about a half mile from the District Office. “I love my job,” she says. “Believe me, there’s a lot of complexity to rope.”  When she’s not working or serving on the School Board, she enjoys running and knitting, which, she explains “are like my yin and yang.”  She’s run hundreds of miles, including nine marathons, and knitted over 60 pairs of socks.

Melinda says her heart is encouraged by our students. “Their diversity, their talents, and their aspirations are incredible. Every time I learn just a little bit about a student, it reminds me how each one of them is full of the greatest potential, and we adults—staff, teachers, administration, School Board—are here to help them develop it.”  

Melinda’s greatest hope for the Ferndale School District is that our greatest challenges are behind us. “This past year has been very difficult for so many, and I hope that going forward, we can overcome everything that has challenged us and show each other just how great our community and students can be.”

Thank you, School Board Member Melinda Cool! We appreciate you!

Photo of Melinda Cool