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Cuong Nguyen

Student School Board Member Cuong Nguyen

Published January 20, 2021

Ferndale High School Senior Cuong Nguyen is one of two student members of the Ferndale School Board. Selected for this position through a virtual interview process in June 2020 and participating in meetings via Zoom for the past six months, he looks forward to the day when he will actually be able to be in the same room, sitting at the same table, with the other Board members.

Cuong chose to pursue a seat on the School Board because he is passionate about student voice. “I want to help create an environment at FHS where everybody is able to express their feelings, concerns, and ideas for improving our school and community,” says Cuong. “I want to break down the barriers that make some people feel like they don’t belong, because belonging leads to trying, which leads to success.”

Cuong and his family moved to Ferndale in 2012, and he has been attending Ferndale schools since 2013. As a student, he says he is mainly focused on doing his school work, which includes an impressive number of Honors, Advanced Placement, and College in the High School courses. But he has also found time to participate in some of the extracurricular opportunities at FHS. “I am involved in the Board Cast Club, Honor Society, DECA, and various volunteer groups,” Cuong explains. “I also spent some time in theater and choir. And now, of course, I am serving on the School Board.” When asked about plans after graduation, Cuong replies, “I haven’t decided yet. I am just going with the flow for now.”

Beyond school, Cuong says he spends lots of time with his family. He describes himself as “someone who likes being creative,” explaining “I create music, design art, and play games. I also love cats and various book collections. Although I don’t consider myself particularly social, according to a number of outside sources, I am ‘fun’ to hang around with.”

Cuong is proud of our School District’s commitment to creating a community where both students and staff are able to feel safe and prepared. Most of all, he is grateful for the way teachers give so much of themselves to help their students be successful. ”Their wisdom, kindness, and talent are what makes our district great. Many of them work hard to make sure their classrooms are not only places of knowledge, but also places where students are able to feel safe and at home.”

Cuong hopes that, once we get to the other side of this pandemic and the school system returns to in-person learning, everyone will have a new appreciation for one another and the importance of being together in a community.

Thank you, School Board Member Cuong Nguyen! We appreciate you!

Cuong school board photo