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Teaching & Re-Teaching Skills

 As a school district, we’re in the business of teaching and learning, so our kids can have the best education possible! Part of that means approaching behavior from a teaching and skills-based perspective. Just like if a student is not learning their math facts, we want to provide support and instruction so that our students are learning the skills to manage themselves, navigate relationships and take responsibility for their choices. is a national skills-based framework for this teaching that has proven to be an effective approach for schools. Here are the core competencies we often focus on.

          i.      Responsible Decision-making: Taking accountability for their choices

           ii.      Self-awareness: Knowing what you need and how to meet those needs without hurting others

          iii.      Social Awareness: Understanding how their choices impact others, both positively and negatively

           iv.      Self-management: Learning how to manage their own emotions

           v.      Relationship Skills: Learning how to communicate effectively with others and navigate relationships in healthy ways