Zoom Information

How to Check for Zoom on a District Device

Windows devices:

View the steps and screenshots below to verify the device has Zoom installed.

How to Check for Zoom

The best way for students and staff to download Zoom quickly, is to come to a district site and connect to the FSD network. Once they are connected, they should verify they can access the internet. Once the computer is on the network, the download will begin. One can verify installation (see link above) by checking \Start\Endpoint Manager\ then open Software Center to see if has been installed. The student/staff must be connected to FSD network (wireless) for a minimum of 1 hour but it can take a longer. If they leave before it finishes the install, Zoom will not function correctly.


Chromebooks will automatically receive the download assuming the computer is on and connected to the internet or the District network. 

The Zoom app will appear on the Chromebook once it’s installed.


All iPads should have the Zoom app, however there are some iPads, especially at Custer and old iPads, that are unable to upgrade passed iOS 9 and are having problems as they are not managed by the MDM. For those, we need to handle them on a case by case basis.

The Zoom app will appear on the iPad once it’s installed.

** If students/staff following the above directions and Zoom is not installed by Tuesday, we need to know about it.