FSD Covid-19 Vaccination Clinic - May 1

FSD Covid-19 Vaccination Clinic - May 1

Ferndale School District Families,

We are writing to announce a special vaccination clinic for everyone 16 years of age or older and/or all adult members of Ferndale School District families.

Our generous neighbors in the Lummi Nation, with assistance from the National Guard, are hosting this Covid-19 vaccination clinic for our older students and the adult members of their households on Saturday, May 1. NOTE: To receive the vaccine, students must have in hand a consent form signed by a parent or guardian (attached).  The vaccination provider would prefer that a parent/guardian is present if possible, but it is not required.

Here are the details about this vaccination event…

Date: Saturday, May 1, 2021
Time: 10:00 am - 5:30 pm
Location: Ferndale High School Gym

Eligible Participants: 16+ years of age with a signed permission slip and/ or any adult members of Ferndale School District families.

Vaccination Type: Pfizer (Pfizer Fact Sheet for Recipients and Caregivers is attached)

Registration for the Clinic: Appointments arranged online through the link below.  For anyone under the age of 18, this online appointment registration must be completed by a parent or guardian.


Second Doses: Will be administered on or around May 22, with more details published before that date.

Questions about signing up for the clinic: Contact Pamela Jenkins at pamela.jenkins@ferndalesd.org

Questions about barriers to getting to the clinic (need for transportation, inability to get a parent/guardian signature on the permission form, etc.): Contact Lea Morris at lea.morris@ferndalesd.org

We are thankful to the Lummi Nation for making available this opportunity to protect more members of our community.

Linda Quinn

Consent for Minors - English

Consent for Minors - Spanish