Ferndale School District Reopening Taskforce July 30th Update

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The Ferndale School District Reopening Taskforce is announcing a weekly update and additional information in advance of reopening in Fall 2020.

At this time, the Task Force is releasing more information about what school will look like with the hybrid and distance options at the secondary level:






Edgenuity is an online education provider. The company works with school districts all over the country to offer solutions that support distance learning needs. To find out more about Edgenuity, please visit this link: https://www.edgenuity.com/about-edgenuity/

The decision regarding elementary curriculum is coming shortly. The provider selected at the elementary level will provide K-5 curriculum designed for online delivery by Ferndale teachers.

The District has heard from some families who are considering enrollment in the Washington Virtual Academy. For those families, the District has made available a version of the Washington Virtual Academy (WAVA) based in Ferndale. This option has limited spaces, will utilize the curriculum that WAVA uses, and will be taught by our Ferndale teachers. It may be an option for those students who are already registered for WA Virtual Academy through another school district.

Ferndale School District Superintendent Dr. Linda Quinn explains, “The distance learning we provide this fall will not be the same experience as spring 2020. Our staff has spent the summer working with companies who provide tools for distance learning. I am confident the experience this fall will be the best experience possible given the challenges of distance learning.”

At the July 28th Taskforce meeting, sub-groups met to discuss elements of reopening including Equity & Access, Communication, Facilities & Operations, Social & Emotional Learning and Infrastructure. Each sub-group will support planning for the District’s re-opening options.

The Taskforce previously released three options for reopening in the fall. The options include:

1. A full-time distance learning option for those who do not want their children to return to in-person school.

2. A rotating AA/BB option, which will provide a combination of in-person learning for two days per week and distance learning for three days per week according to a schedule something like this:






3.  A phased-in option, which will involve some students spending more time in in-person learning based on their age, grade level, internet access, and/or other educational need.

The District is planning to have families select their preferred option for September, although the situation is subject to change given the course of the virus. A link to the original announcement can be found here: https://www.ferndalesd.org/news/1684840/ferndale-school-district-taskforce-shares-reopening-options

The Ferndale School District Reopening Taskforce began meeting on July 7th and will continue meeting weekly through August 18th. The District re-opening plan must be delivered in final format to OSPI by August 19th.