Media Release: Coaches and Community to Fundraise for Athletics

Photo of football coach with players

After making the difficult decision to cut fall C Team sports because of a lack of funding, the Ferndale community and our coaching staff came up with a one-time solution to maintain these important sports for our students this fall.

The coaching staff and members of our community said they will raise the funds needed to keep these teams in the fall. 

The state does not provide any funding for athletics and programs like band or music. Most of the funding for sports and activities comes from the four-year levy. Since Ferndale did not pass the school district’s replacement levy last February, the district has had to make cuts to staffing and programs, including C Teams.

“I am so proud that our community and coaches are willing and able to help find the funds for our students, many of them freshmen, to play sports in the fall,” said Dr. Linda Quinn, Superintendent of Ferndale School District. “We understand how important it is for the health and safety of our student athletes and the longevity of these programs that students have the opportunity to participate on C Teams.”

If the community renews the levy in the November 3 election, the district will be able to provide a budget for sports at all levels beyond this fall.

The district is still determining protocols around fundraising.

In addition to making cuts to staff and programs for the fall, the district is able to provide the remainder of sports and activities, thanks to:

  • Using savings realized by not running a full schedule of spring sports in 2020.
  • Instituting a pay-to-play fee for those students whose families can afford it.
  • Finding scholarships for those students whose families cannot afford pay-to-play fees.
  • Reducing transportation costs wherever possible.
  • Reducing staff costs wherever possible, including replacing some support positions that are currently paid with volunteers.
  • Changing our middle school athletic programs from interscholastic to intramural.
  • Soliciting donations.