Ferndale School Board Will Send Levy Renewal to Ballot

Ferndale School District Logo Graphic

[Ferndale, Wash.] The Ferndale School Board will ask voters to consider a renewal levy in February 2020. Mail-in ballots are due February 11, 2020.

Voters will consider a rate of $2.50 per thousand of assessed value. If approved this rate would go into effect in January 2021. Ferndale School Board Chair Dr. Kevin Erickson says, “I speak on behalf of the entire school board. By asking voters to renew the levy at the $2.50 rate we are able to continue to provide fantastic options for students in music, drama and athletics as well as counseling in schools and lower class sizes for our youngest students.”

Local school levies in Washington State pay for operating expenses not fully paid by the state. In Ferndale, local levy funding helps bridge the gap in state funding including:

  • Additional Academic supports and interventions for students including lower class sizes and counselors at each school
  • Extra-curricular and co-curricular options including Sports, Athletics, Clubs, Music, Band, Foreign Language and Art
  • Staff beyond state funding

The local levy is approximately thirteen percent of the total Ferndale School District budget.

Ferndale Education Association President and teacher Tracie Morris agrees with Erickson and says, “Levies are always about students. Local funding makes it possible for our district to continue to lower class sizes and support our talented, hard-working staff. Levies also make it possible for our students to participate in band, choir and art as well as sports and activities. As a teacher in the Ferndale School District, I want people to know that those things are essential.”

Ferndale School District parent Rob Fickeisen adds, “As a parent and community volunteer, it matters to me that our schools have consistent funding needed to provide high quality education for kids. That is a big deal to my family and one of the reasons that we choose to raise our family right here in Ferndale.”

Ferndale School District Superintendent Dr. Linda Quinn says, “I have worked in education in Washington State for 40 years. The rules around education funding have changed a lot during that time but one thing has remained constant – the State has always required local districts to seek local funding for a portion of district operating budgets. Our community has faithfully partnered with us to support kids and staff in Ferndale.”