Committee Begins Work on Ferndale High School Design

Bond Project News

[Ferndale, Wash.] Ferndale voters passed a School Bond in February 2019. Of the $112 Million total bond amount, $105 Million is designated for construction of a new Ferndale High School and rehabilitation of the Performing Arts Center on the Ferndale High School campus.

Public input is an essential part of moving forward with construction. According to Ferndale School District Superintendent Dr. Linda Quinn, “We want this building to be reflective of what our community wants for its high school. In addition to serving the needs of today’s students, it will be a legacy we are leaving for future generations.”

The desire for community participation prompted the Ferndale School District to advertise for Design Advisory Committee (DAC) members. The Design Advisory Committee will (1) research best practices for high school facilities; (2) solicit community input; (3) share their own expertise; and (4) review and provide feedback on design ideas. The application process for recruiting members began in mid-June and closed at the end of July. In total, 25 committee members have been selected, and additional Ferndale School District Staff will support the Committee. Design Advisory Committee members are:

  • Andrea Swindle, Teacher, FSD
  • Linda Quinn, Superintendent
  • Arnold Evanson, Community Member
  • Scott Brittain, Assistant Superintendent
  • Brendon Orth-Sheridan, Community Member
  • Jeremy Vincent, Ferndale High School Principal
  • Bud Larson, Community Member
  • Erin Vincent, Communications & Community Engagement Director
  • Cathy Schuman, Teacher, FSD
  • Paul Douglas, Executive Director, Student Services
  • Charlotte Wells, Community Member
  • Edwin Elefson, CTE Director
  • Connie Faria, Community Member
  • Georgia Dellinger, FSD Staff, Committee Support
  • Dianne Gillespie, Administrative Assistant, FSD
  • Eric Tripp, Athletic Director
  • Frankie Reyna, Student
  • Andew McLaurin, FSD Board Member
  • James Reimer, Community Member
  • Lee Anne Riddle, FSD Board Member
  • Jay Julius, Community Member
  • Kai Schonborn, Student
  • Kathy Hopkins, Community Member
  • Kelli Burgler Miller, Community Member
  • Lara Merriam-Smith, Community Member
  • Lawrence Solomon, Community Member
  • Michael Bernard, Student
  • Nate Collins, Student
  • North Moench, Counselor, FSD
  • Raegen Miller, Community Member
  • Sarah Nylen, Student
  • Sharon Dyches, Teacher, FSD
  • Steve Menefee, Teacher, FSD
  • Terry Terry, Community Member
  • Tony Torretta, Teacher, FSD

Design Advisory Committee members came together for the first time on Tuesday, August 13.

Planning Principal Jeremy Vincent commented on how excited he was to begin this phase of the work. “It feels like we are finally getting into the creative part of the process where we can start talking about what our new school will look like.”

At this first DAC meeting, committee members (1) met FHS project architects from Dykeman Architects; (2) learned more about the visioning process and their role in it; (3) established group norms; (4) reviewed community input from the June Town Hall and Thoughtexchange and began identifying major themes. While the members of the Design Advisory Committee will not be determining the building site or drawing floor plans, they will be setting priorities to guide the design and construction of the new Ferndale High School.

Meeting materials from the August 13 meeting can be found here:

The next meeting of DAC will take place on Monday, August 26, when the whole group will spend the entire day touring other recently built high schools to begin to develop a shared knowledge base about what might be possible in Ferndale.