Community Oversight Committee Seeking Alternate Member - May 24, 2019

Oversight Committee photo

Ferndale voters overwhelmingly supported a Ferndale School Bond in February with 62.04% of voters saying “yes.” That Bond included $112 Million for a new Ferndale High School, renovation of the Performing Arts Center, Critical Maintenance Projects and Safety and Security projects throughout the District.  The Ferndale School Board created the Community Bond Oversight Committee to oversee bond spending. That committee operates as an independent advisory committee for the School Board.

The Oversight Committee has announced that it is looking for another Alternate Member as the Committee charter allows for up to two alternate members.

Oversight Committee Co-Chair Riley Cornelsen says that the alternate member is particularly important as there has been a shift in current membership, “Current Oversight Committee Member Dan Cornelsen has asked to swap positions with current alternate Ryan Kimball. This makes Ryan a full voting member and puts Dan in the alternate position. As a Committee, we want to be intentional about those alternate positions as they are a very important part of the longterm success of this committee. Our charter allows for two alternate members and we want to make sure that we have both of those positions filled.”

The deadline to apply for the alternate position is June 11th. Those interested in applying should send their applications electronically to or drop them off in hard copy to the Ferndale School District Office marked, “Attention Oversight Committee.”

While most people are eligible to apply, there are a few criteria including that an applicant must be a Ferndale School District resident; cannot be a current FSD employee, board member, vendor, contractor or consultant; and cannot be current City of Ferndale employee or consultant.

To see the full section process and a link to the Oversight Committee Application, please visit: