Compressor Leak Threatens Heat in 700 Wing at FHS

Picture of compressor leak

On a day when the Ferndale School District released students early because of snow and cold temperatures, Maintenance Staff were working to make sure that the 700 Wing at Ferndale High School did not lose heat.


"Our Team determined that we had a problem with our compressor line in the boiler system responsible for heating the 700 Wing at Ferndale High School," said Ferndale School District Director of Maintenance Jamie Plenkovich. "We attempted repairs throughout the day today (Friday, February 8th). We were able to run a line from a compressor in our CTE space - this was the only compressor big enough to run the PSI for this particular unit. Our priority is keeping the heat going in that building over the weekend. With temperatures like this, losing heat could be catastrophic."

Maintenance crews plan to pursue a long-term fix in the coming week.