Student Threat at Ferndale High School - 10/24/18

Student Threat at Ferndale High School - 10/24/18

10/24/18 9:15 AM Update:

We have an update on the alleged threat at Ferndale High School. Working with the Police, we have learned that the origin of the alleged threat was an overheard conversation in a local store. With the help of the store manager, the Ferndale Police identified the two students who were having the conversation. They were subsequently questioned by the Police. The two students independently verified that they had been in the store talking about the threat that surfaced at FHS on Monday of this week. Their conversation was not about a new threat.


The good news is that our community is working together to report anything they believe is suspicious in order to ensure the safety of students, staff, and families.


Thank you for your patience. We take every threat seriously. We always involve the Police. WE always take every precaution. This morning we followed our usual protocol, and the incident has been successfully resolved. 


All updates from this morning can be found here:


10/24/18 8:31 AM Update:

Ferndale Police are following leads and working to identify the individuals who may have made threatening comments.

The Ferndale School District will continue to update the community throughout the day.


10/24/18 7:30 AM Update:

This update comes directly from the email we sent to FHS families.

Subject Line: Ferndale School District Taking Reported Threat Seriously

A threat came to FHS administration and Ferndale Police. As with all threats made to the school they are taken seriously. We are working with Ferndale police to provide for the safety and security of students and staff. We believe the campus is safe. However, if you wish to keep your students home today it will be an excused absence for this event and you do not need to call the school.


10/24/18 7:15: (NEW) Update Student Threat

The Ferndale School District is aware of a new threat now circulating on Social Media.

Regarding the current threat that is circulating on social media, we - FHS and FPD – take all threats seriously.


FPD is working on identifying the students who potentially made the threat and they will have a greater presence on campus for the remainder of the day today, October 24th.