How does your garden grow?

How does your garden grow?

How does your garden grow? Beach School's garden got a boost with a grant from Annie's Garden Grants. Led by Beach Elementary School parent, Connie Miller, students and staff at Beach secured $3000 from Annie's.

Over the past five years, the students at Beach School have invested in their school garden and it's been an amazing learning tool for a long list of subject matter; hands on learning proves to be something that sticks with them (all of us really) and opens their eyes to connections they may not receive otherwise. They needed some tools to support their learning, and the grant has provided supplies, tools, plants and seeds, a water cistern, curriculum-based activities and native plants (to teach children about pollination and more).

Beach School student inspecting plants with a magnifying glassSince they were awarded these funds from Annie’s, Beach has had many beautiful and successful planting and teaching days in the garden. Earlier this spring to celebrate Earth Day, we spent a day in the garden with students. They built birdhouses, went on a scavenger hunt, learned about native plants and plants that attract birds and wildlife, and planted in the garden. Students are simply overjoyed to be in the school garden working, learning, planting, watering and growing—right along with their plants! And, each student went home with lettuce, radishes, chives, leeks, onions, Swiss chard and kale from the garden that they individually harvested for their families!

As they have done the past two years, students and staff hope to provide donations from the fruits of their labor to the Ferndale Food Bank throughout the summer months.

Special "thanks" goes to Connie Miller, Beach parent, who led the efforts in securing the grant, and who has consistently volunteered to ensure the Beach garden is brought "back to life." "Thanks" go to the Lummi Island Civic Club for its support of the Beach garden.

Photo 1: Beach School Staff and Students
Photo 2: A Beach School student uses a magnifying glass to inspect plants

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