Update re: Horizon Threat

Update re: Horizon Threat

On May 25th, the Administrative Team at Horizon became aware that a threat had been made. The Ferndale Police Department was contacted to provide assistance per School District policy.

The Ferndale School District treats all threats of violence as credible. School Administrators and staff at each of our schools are trained to treat such threats with full attention and urgency. Our response includes activating a “threat assessment”. A threat assessment includes:

  • Contact: Engaging with outside law enforcement – in most cases the Ferndale Police Department.
  • Investigation: The Police Department begins a full and thorough investigation of both the threat and the individual making the threat. In most cases the investigation includes interviews, background investigation and search of the individual’s person and home.
  • Plan: A plan is created based on recommendations from the Police Department.
  • Consequences: as appropriate given each individual situation.

In this case, an emergency expulsion was initiated and a threat assessment was implemented as described above. Given a recommendation from the Ferndale Police Department and outside mental health professionals, a safety plan was developed which included the student returning to school.

Although the student returned to school briefly last week, the school district has made contact with the family of the student and agreed that the student will not return to Horizon during this school year.

We encourage parents at Horizon to reach out to administrators with questions – our intent in reaching you with this information is to make sure that our community is aware that there was a threat made and to provide an avenue for follow up. With specific questions please email fsdinfo@ferndalesd.org.