May 11: Letter to Ferndale High School Community

May 11: Letter to Ferndale High School Community

May 11, 2018

Ferndale High School Community –

The Ferndale School District routinely works with the Ferndale Police Department on matters that rise to a level requiring law enforcement support. Many of those issues are resolved without need for public communication. Some, however, should be shared. We are coming to you with an item that we believe rises to this level.

What happened:

  • Students were dismissed for a scheduled early release day on Wednesday, May 8th
  • After the majority of campus had cleared, an unnamed student waved a handgun at another student while leaving the FHS campus
  • The incident was immediately reported to Ferndale High School Campus Safety and Administration

What we did about it:

  • As soon as the incident was reported, Ferndale High School administrators contacted the Ferndale Police Department
  • The Ferndale Police Department began coordinating an investigation which included arresting the student who allegedly brought the firearm onto the FHS Campus

At this point, the legal process will move forward. Appropriate school discipline has been applied and there will be consequences for this minor student above and beyond the jurisdiction of the Ferndale School District.

As always, we are grateful for the men and women of the Ferndale Police Department and for the vigilance of our staff and student body.


Linda Quinn
Superintendent, Ferndale School District

Jeremy Vincent
Principal, Ferndale High School