New Chromebooks Connect Students to the World

New Chromebooks Connect Students to the World

New Chromebooks Connect Students to the World

Dick Meyer and Marlene Burke love the staff and students of Eagleridge Elementary School. So much so that they recently donated 64 Chromebook computing devices to the school.

You see, they have a special connection to the school—their granddaughter, Serenity Feliciano, is a first grader in Ms. Jaimie Darnell's classroom. Every Tuesday, Marlene volunteers in Ms. Darnell's classroom to support and help students in their learning activities.

The Meyers feel so connected to Eagleridge and wanted to do more to support the students and staff at the school. They approached the school's principal, Mr. Mischa Burnett, to brainstorm ways they could support the school and student learning. Their conversation led to Dick and Marlene purchasing 64 Chromebook computing devices for the school.

Marlene Burke assists Eagleridge student with donated Chromebook"We are absolutely thrilled to be part of this story because for us this is about access to the greater world and it's about equity so that all kids have the same opportunity when it comes to technology," said Principal Burnett. "We know there are resources galore that exist out there, virtual museum tours and any make and manner of things that can be wonderful for students to see and participate in. With their hands on these machines, I know it's going to happen. The world is big and way beyond Ferndale, and these devices are a pipeline to that greater world," he added.

On Tuesday, January 9, the Chromebooks made their debut in Ms. Darnell's classroom. Each student was given a device and earbuds. It didn't take long for the students to figure out how to operate the devices. And, for the next 30 minutes the classroom was practically silent as students went to work tapping on screens and using keyboards to navigate through their lesson. The lesson involved working in the Starfall application which targets learning in the content areas of mathematics and reading. (view a sampling at First grade student Elena Cantrell provided her perspective on the new Chromebooks. "About computers, they're fun and they're cool. They're so cool because we get to play at them at Starfalls. Starfalls is really cool because it has a lot of fun games. We learned about ABCs and stuff. So, that's why we like to play on Starfalls."

Eagleridge students hug Marlene Burke after receiving donation of 65 ChromebooksAt the end of the lesson, Principal Burnett, Ms. Darnell and the students took a few minutes to thank Mr. Meyer and Mrs. Burke for the special gifts. The students presented to Mrs. Burke a beautifully handmade card and a cheer of thanks!

The district cannot begin to thank the Meyers enough for their generous contribution to Eagleridge Elementary. And, more importantly, for their care and support of our students. Thank you!

With the addition of the 64 Chromebooks, access to technology doubled for Eagleridge students. The school now has five carts full of computers that travel from classroom to classroom where teachers utilize them as one more tool to connect students to the act of learning.

Eagleridge Chromebook Donation - January 2018 from Ferndale Schools on Vimeo.

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