Washington State law requires that each child attending school be adequately immunized according to a schedule determined by the Washington State Board of Health. Parents are responsible for completing a Certificate of Immunization (CIS) when they register their child for school and keeping it up to date. Registration and attendance are contingent upon either adequate immunization or exemption from immunization.

Contact your Health Care Provider or one of the following to get necessary immunizations to attend school.
  • Whatcom County Health Department
    1500 N. State St., Bellingham
    (360) 788-6100
    Call for times and appointment
    Children 18 years and under


  • SeaMar Community Health Center
    4455 Cordata Pkwy, Bellingham
    (360) 671-3225  Call for appointments
    Nurse visit by appointment for established patients
    New patients by appointment


  • Unity Care NW
    6060 Portal Way Ferndale
    220 Unity St. Bellingham
    (360) 671-6177  Call for appointment

Local pharmacies can administer some vaccinations. Call or go in and ask for details. Ask them to add any vaccinations given into the Washington State Immunization System or that they provide you with medically verified documentation of immunization.