Welcome to Ferndale High School!


Department Chair Telephone
Counseling Aurora Davis 360-383–9255
CTE (Career and Technical Education) Mark Schneider 360-383-9326
In CTE we strive to educate the whole student through academic rigor and hands on learning. We use industry standards as our measure whenever possible. We believe in learning through doing and strive to give students relevant experiences that solidify their plan for after high school.
English Tim Richard 360-383-9293
The English department has 8 teachers who teach a range of Language Arts classes at all levels.  The department offers course studies in American, world, and multicultural literature as well as expository writing, research, and drama, in which students at all levels are challenged in their thinking. Opportunities to earn University of Washington credit as well as Advance Placement credit are options for advanced studies.


Fine Arts Terry Fitzgerald 360-383-9314
Math Beth Andres 360-383-9291
Math courses include algebra and geometry. Electives are offered in collection of evidence, calculus and statistics.
Science Don Pringle 360-383-9287
Sciences offered at Ferndale High include inquiry, biology honors, environmental, chemistry, physics, agriculture, forests and society, floral design, horticulture, wildlife in the modern world, and advanced placement courses.
Social Studies Jeff Reier 360-383-9262
Social studies courses include Washington State history, world history, civics, business law, current world problems, contemporary world cultures, economics, government and politics, and psychology.
Special Education Nate Button 360-383-9277
Our special education program serves students in grade 9 through age 21. We offer a variety of programs that serve each of our students according to their needs, strengths and goals.
World Languages Melissa Monda 360-383-9278
The World Languages department at Ferndale High School includes Spanish, French and Lummi languages.  French has three years available and Spanish begins in 8th grade and continues through 5th year.  There are University of Washington credit options available for both 4th and 5th year Spanish.


State Assessment Information:

What state tests does my student need to take?

What are my student’s graduation requirements? Click on the link below to view Washington State graduation requirements. Students are assigned an expected graduation year at the time they enter ninth grade (WAC 180-51-035). They are held to the graduation requirements of that graduation year regardless of the year they actually complete high school.

State Graduation Requirements by Cohort

OSPI Graduation Toolkit

Opt In for Student Success: FAQs

Opt In for Student Success: Top Three Reasons to Take the Smarter Balanced Assessments

For more information click on the link: Ready Washington

Opt In for Student Success by participating in this year’s state testing.  Find your voice to talk about a high-quality education, the value of assessments and being prepared for college, work and life.  Washington public high school students, can earn one of 10 $500 scholarships by telling us why you are deciding to ‘opt in for a better education.’ Learn more and see the rules for video submission by clicking on the link: Opt In $500 Scholarship

Associated Student Body (ASB)



  • President -  Serina Headrick
  • Vice President  - Ryan Slaughter
  • Secretary -  Ariana Fox
  • Treasurer  - Alex McBeath
  • Assistant Treasurer -  Kate Cleary
  • Interhigh/Pro Temp  - Elsa Ericksen
  • Publicity Director -  Leah Kessen



  • President  - Logan Browne
  • Vice President -  Noah Gillespie
  • Secretary -  Emma Denessen
  • Treasurer  - Ellie Baader


  • President -  Hailey Pelton
  • Vice President -  Sarah Anderson
  • Secretary -  Emma Hindes
  • Treasurer  - Caitlyn Peterson


  • President -  Rome Williams
  • Vice President  - Noah Semu
  • Secretary -  Camree Krawczak
  • Treasurer  - Alyssa Willett


  • President  - Hope JoseDay
  • Vice President  - Nick Chen-see
  • Secretary -  Madison Roegele
  • Treasurer -  Avery Sweitzer

Student Rights and Responsibilities

The FHS Student Rights and Responsibilities booklet will be available soon. The document addresses student rights and responsibilities, attendance guidelines/standards, general information regarding student behavior & conduct and includes the FHS discipline rubric. For more information please contact the Ferndale High School Main Office.