About Us

Ferndale High School serves students in grades 9-12, with an approximate enrollment of 1,350 students. Ferndale High has a rich tradition of excellence in all areas — academic, music, career and technical education, athletics, special programs, and community service.

Something that we take seriously at Ferndale High School is PRIDE. You’ll see that PRIDE is everywhere on campus, and at our many school events whether held on or off campus. You will see “Eagle Pride, City Wide” signs all over our community. We want to make sure that PRIDE is more than just a word and something that become actionable and held up as our standard. So, this year our students and staff took PRIDE to a different level. As we rolled out our positive behavior interventions our school staff selected the word “Pride” as our focal point for teaching and recognizing positive behaviors. Our students, all 1300+, were tasked with selecting five words that could be embedded into making our word actionable.

High school students filling gym bleachers, listening to a speaker wearing a blue polo shirt.



Our students came up with:


It is with these five chosen words that we create a belief and a commitment to cultivate a climate for learning, growing, and developing our individual skillsets on a daily basis. As we roll out PRIDE we will look deeper into each word and teach how each of our five chosen words can move us forward towards our school goals and individual goal. It’s good to be a Golden Eagle but it’s great to be a Golden Eagle with PRIDE!

Students at a high school game fill the gym bleachers, and are cheering and being happy.

FHS is located in the northwest corner of Washington State, only 15 miles south of the Canadian border. Our high school is the largest in the county at over 1,350 students. We have a wonderfully diverse population fed by new immigrants from all over Asia and Europe, long time area residents, migrant families, and the culturally rich Lummi Nation. Ferndale is growing rapidly with over 11,000 residents, as is most of Whatcom County (over 175,000 residents).

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Mission Statement

Ferndale High School will be a positive place that empowers each student and staff member to be a lifelong learner and a responsible citizen in an ever-changing world.

To help implement this vision;

WE embrace the tenants of PRIDE: Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Dedication and Excellence. Our school’s recognition and behavior system is 100% based on PRIDE.


show Perseverance,

lead with Respect,

act with Integrity,

show Dedication,

and aim for Excellence

Everyone at FHS is able to grow to their fullest potential.

WE believe in partnerships with parents.  Our school website and Skyward contain current, vital information on both the school and individual student progress.

WE value the opportunity to work together to personalize the learning experience, providing relevance and direction for students.

WE believe that all students want to be successful

WE act on the understanding that any student will need extra support to succeed


The main school area is divided into two major sections — the “Old Main” building, built in 1936, and the “Alexander,” built in 1956.  In 1986, 60,000 square feet in these buildings were modernized creating a new library out of an old gymnasium; enlarging and modernizing all classrooms, including two new science laboratories; enclosing two courtyards for a counseling and guidance center; installing all new plumbing, heating, electrical systems and new floor and wall coverings in all areas.

  • In 1993 the vocational building was completely remodeled.
  • In 1996 square footage was added to the cafeteria.
  • In 1998, a one of a kind natural resources facility was constructed to provide a hands-on integrated way of teacher natural science.
  • In 1999, five classrooms were added.
  • In 2007, renovations were completed in the vocational building, gymnasium, fine arts area and complete electrical distribution system.

The school serves grades 9-12, with an approximate enrollment of 1,425 students. Ferndale High School was named by Washington State and the U.S. Department of Education as a School of Excellence in 1987. It has a rich tradition of excellence in all areas — academic, music, vocational education, athletics, special programs, and community service.

Renewable Energy

The Solar installation at Ferndale High School is a 2.4 Kilowatt solar array consisting of ten 240 watt panels. The panels were made locally in Bellingham at Itek Energy.

The project was purchased through a grant from Puget Sound Energy. PSE’s Renewable Energy Education Program (formerly called Solar Schools) and voluntary Green Power Program have provided $394,139 in grants to fund 23 educational solar-power projects in Western Washington during the last seven years.

In the Spring of 2011 Ferndale was lucky enough to be chosen as one site for that year. Construction was completed in the Fall of 2011.

The Solar Array joins our 2.4 Kilowatt Skystream wind turbine that was installed in the Spring of 2010 as our second renewable energy source on campus.

All the power produced from both the Solar Array and the Wind Turbine is Net Metered, meaning the power generated is fed back into the grid and the school district receives a credit for all power produced.

Please note that these are residential sized installations that could power a fairly efficient home, but are in no way intended to power the entire school. Instead they are real, working installations to gather data and use as instructional tools as part of our Power and Energy course at Ferndale High School.

If you would like more information about The Power and Energy course, our Wind Turbine or Solar Array, please contact Mark Schneider 383-9326, Drew Sampson 383-9327 or Edwin Elefson the CTE Director at 383-9316.

This link provides real time data from the solar array.