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Kiwanis Student of the Month February 2023: Bria Arevalo

Kiwanis Student of the Month February 2023: Bria Arevalo

Ferndale High School senior Bria Arevalo takes her role as a school leader very seriously. As a member of the FHS leadership program, she loves to share encouraging messages and celebrate her peers for outstanding behavior. 

Arevalo believes that bullying can be fought by students like her, creating a welcoming space where their peers feel encouraged to speak up. 

“I can give students a comfortable school environment as a leadership member by putting positive notes up around our high school, by showing others that I am friendly and approachable, and by giving endless kindness and support to every elementary school student I come across while volunteering there,” she said. 

Arevalo is also a member of the National Honor Society and has played both volleyball and tennis for FHS. She has received the “most inspirational” award twice: from her volleyball team during sophomore year, and from her tennis team during junior year. 

Community service is important to Arevalo as well. On top of her work with the FHS leadership group, she assists teachers at Cascadia Elementary School and volunteers for the Whatcom County Library System.  

“I really love getting to know the people around my community, and I always love helping out,” Arevalo said of volunteering. “I like making things easier for people, especially for those who already work hard, like teachers.” 

After graduating high school, Arevalo plans to attend either Gonzaga University or Seattle University and study English or communications. Her career goal is to become an editor. 

Arevalo said the most influential people in her life were her great aunts and great uncle. 

“I am the person I grew into today – generous, caring and understanding – because of their high amount of influence on me,” she said.   

One of her great aunts influenced Arevalo’s decision to pursue a career in the literary world, as she introduced her to reading and writing at a young age. 

“This passion couldn’t have been made without them,” Arevalo said of her great aunt.