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Golden Eagle Academy & Ferndale Virtual Academy Application


An Individualized and Customized Graduation Program

GEA & FVA Application (PDF)

Mission Statement

To engage students by offering customized support, teacher-assisted independent learning, and a Ferndale School District diploma attainment through Washington State education requirements.

Indicators of Success

  • Improvement in academic success
  • Increased credit and course completion
  • Obtainment of school district diploma

Student Profile

The student being referred should meet the following criteria:

  • Diploma-seeking
  • Time management skills
  • Self-motivation and self-direction
  • Ability and willingness to learn independently
  • Strong reading, written, and oral communication skills
  • Willingness to adhere to GEA/FVA guidelines
  • Facing barriers that inhibit student’s success
  • Prefers smaller classroom environment
  • Meet state assessment and graduation requirements to obtain diploma


The Golden Eagle Academy (GEA) is a blended program in which students can take up to three classes at Ferndale High School and the rest online in the GEA classroom. Students adhere to the FHS daily schedule. 

The Ferndale Virtual Academy (FVA) is a traditional alternative learning program in which the student has a Written Student Learning Plan and accomplishes all credits online. Contact time is flexible and will be agreed upon in the WSLP. 

Both operate as a program within Ferndale High School with its classroom on campus, which offers support services along with access to Ferndale High School programs. The flexibility of the program allows us to accommodate students who have outside commitments such as employment, medical needs, family responsibilities, etc. 

Other benefits of the program include:

  • one-on-one instruction with customized academic plans
  • a flexible schedule to meet student needs
  • access to high school academics and support systems
  • participation in work-study programs or project-based learning
  • online education
  • study lab and tutorial support
  • High School and Beyond planning


A referral to enroll in the programs may be made by the student’s school counselor. The student is referred based on the inability to be successful in the school setting due to academic, personal, or social difficulties. 

Application Process

The student can acquire an application form from the counseling office at Ferndale High School, the district website, or from Room #205. Once the application is received, the student’s academic records are reviewed, an interview process is conducted with the student and/or guardian and program director. Those students deemed appropriate for the program are enrolled if space is open. There is often a waiting list. 

Approval Process

The student’s counselor is an integral part in creating a graduation plan for the student. The counselor, program director, and student will work collaboratively to review credits and course requirements, create a schedule, and make goals for graduation. Ultimately, the program’s certificated teacher will approve the student’s learning plan. 

Written Student Learning Plan 

Before a student is admitted to the program, they must be willing to sign a Written Student Learning Plan which outlines their customized plan, along with the expectations of the program, and their willingness to adhere to the program guidelines. The plan will be created based on the student’s academic credits, individual education plan, post-secondary plan, student interest, outside barriers, and community opportunities. 


The classroom, room 205, will be open from 7:00-4:30 Monday-Thursday and Fridays 7:30-2:30. The GEA follows the high school calendar. The activity bus will be available to transport students home at 4:45 Monday-Thursday if they choose to access the study lab after school. Students with their own transportation may have an alternative schedule. There will be a teacher and a graduation coach assisting students at all times. 


One of the benefits of this program is that students will gain a support system consisting of a teacher, graduation coach, counseling staff, support staff/counselors, and access to student services. 

Withdrawal Process

A student will be exited from the program if he/she does not adhere to the program expectations while maintaining attendance, behavior, and progress requirements. The student will participate in an exit interview in order to discuss other opportunities for the student to graduate. 

Contact Us:

Shannon Iwasaki                                                                    Scott Brittain
GEA/FVA Director/Teacher                                                       Asst. Supt. for Teaching and Learning                                  
(360) 383-9362                                                                         (360) 383-9210
Ferndale High School-Room 205                                             Ferndale District Office