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Open Enrollment Period October 31, 2022 - November 22, 2022.  New elections effective January 1, 2023.

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Long Term Disability

SEBB User Name/Password Information

SAW InstructionsIf you forgot your password:
Link to SEBB account

If you forgot your user name:

SEBB nor the benefits coordinator can help you recover your user name if you forgot it.  You would need to be disassociated from your SAW account and you will have to start over with the sign in process including doing your security questions (I usually recommend using a different email than what you used before to do this). 

If you wish to have your account rebooted (disassociated) please email Heather Williams.  It will be taken care of as soon as possible and an email confirmation will be sent when it is taken care of.  You can click on the SAW instructions link to start over.