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Students with Health Conditions

Students with Life-Threatening Allergies

Washington State law requires that students with a known life-threatening allergy be prepared for a life-threatening event prior to starting school or participating in school activities or athletic programs.
Please complete the appropriate forms and bring unexpired medications (unless the student is going to self-carry their own medication) to the school prior to the first day. If you have any questions please call your school office or school nurse.

 Epinephrine Auto Injector Medication Form (PDF)

Students with Asthma

If an inhaler is needed at school please fill out, in conjunction with your physician, the Medication at School Authorization Form (linked) with Asthma Action Plan on the back and return it to the school. If an epinephrine auto injector is required for asthma please fill out the Epinephrine Auto Injector Medication Form in conjunction with your physician and return it prior to the beginning of school.

 Medication Authorzation Form (PDF)

Students with Diabetes

If your child has diabetes please contact the school nurse prior to the beginning of school. Current school orders and supplies will need to be provided prior to the first day of school.