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Request to Distribute Materials

The district recognizes that organizations may want to distribute materials in the school district that are non-curricular, but have a social, recreational or educational value for students.

Approval of Materials

Any individual or group wishing to distribute informational materials must first submit a copy of the material and a statement of the educational value the program provides to students or staff.

Upon approval, materials must be bundled and marked according to the Instructions for Distribution of Materials.

Instructions for Distribution of Materials (PDF)

Submit materials for approval and deliver approved materials to:

Jackson Hogan
Ferndale School District Administration Office
6041 Vista Drive • P.O. Box 698
Ferndale, WA 98248

Once materials are approved and received by the district, they will be delivered to our schools through the district’s internal mail system. Materials will not be accepted at individual school locations.

Inquiries about the process may be directed to:
Communications Specialist, Jackson Hogan, (360) 383-9200

> Contact Jackson hogan