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Would you like to give a "shout out" to another staff member who has helped you, encouraged you or just gone that extra mile? Submit your "shout out" here and it will be included in next month's District Direct newsletter!

Staff Name: Sam Tuckner

School/Department: Horizon Middle School

“Sam goes out of her way to support students with individual needs, accommodations, or modifications. This allows all students to be successful in her classroom.  Sam works closely with the IEP case managers to maximize the supports of students in her classroom.  Her willingness to learn and support all students has made a positive impact for those in her classroom and the staff who work with her.”

Submitted by Allison Rosenberger

Staff Name: Nancy Nordstrom and Allia Martinson

School/Department: Vista Middle School

“Nancy and Allia are the best!  They work hard everyday to ensure the best food service for Vista's students. Their priority is supporting students and learning. Thank you for always caring!”

Submitted by Julia Besola

Staff Name: Obadiah DeWeber

School/Department: Skyline Elementary School

“On Dec 6, the two-hour snow delay day, Obadiah went out before school and helped scrape snow off the sidewalks to help kids from slipping and to keep their feet dry.  Obadiah is such a genuine and kind principal who is willing to do whatever needs to be done for his staff and students!  Thank you, Obadiah!”

Submitted by Bethany Yuly

Staff Name: Maura Davis

School/Department: Horizon Middle School

“You are amazing!! Thank you for always working hard with a great attitude! You are soooo helpful and you make my job doable! You see the humor in everything (even the tough situations) - and that is very nice and fun to be around. ‘Horizon(Gryffindor), where dwell the brave at heart!’ - The Sorting Hat”

Submitted by Adaela Pelton

Staff Name: Caren Pollock

School/Department: Ferndale High School

“As a new staff member, I would like to attest to how welcoming and helpful Caren Pollock is to our staff and anyone who wonders into the main office. She is incredibly knowledgeable and giving with her skills. She has on several occasions gone out of her way to help me with my computer and is always very attentive to staff needs.  Thank you, Caren, for your patience and expertise!”

Submitted by Sasha Smith

Staff Name: Donnie Hennings

School/Department: Kim Bunch

“I want to acknowledge Donnie Hennings at Ferndale High School.  I often have deliveries of items for students (snacks, clothing, water bottles, etc.) and Donnie always is willing to help transport boxes, bags and unwieldly items whenever I show up unannounced...with a smile on his face and a humble attitude.  Thank you, Donnie, for all your assistance!

Submitted by Kim Bunch

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