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Co-Curricular Code

The opportunity to participate in the co-curricular program at Ferndale High School is a privilege available to all students of the district. Participants in these voluntary programs are expected to conform to Board Policy 3200 and specific conduct standards established by principals and coaches/advisors. As participants, students are faced with choices. If the choices they make interfere, impede, or hinder their personal or group performance, or render them unfit to serve as representatives of Ferndale High School, they may forfeit the privilege to participate. A participant found to be in violation of any rule is subject to corrective action as specified in the code. Provision has been made for a participant to appeal a sanction and that process is explained in this document.

Definition of Co-Curricular Activities

The cocurricular program includes athletics, clubs, student government, leadership, cheerleading, and other activities sponsored by Ferndale High School that are outside of the regular curriculum.