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Athletics & Activities

Ferndale High School Summer Athletic/Activity Opportunities

At Ferndale High School we have many summer activities available to our students. We have school camps, spring and summer practices, open gyms, open weight room, 7 on 7 passing competitions, as well as team camps, and scrimmages with other schools.

It is important that all parties involved understand the procedures and responsibilities necessary to participate in school sponsored summer activities. Summer activities are those activities that take place the first day following the WIAA spring tournaments through July 31.
Athletics/Activities at Ferndale High School: Open Gym/Weight Room, Camps, Spring and Summer practices and competitions with other schools.

Athletes/Activity participants must have an up to date online eligibility form completed, and athletes must have an up to date physical.

Activities that are not held at Ferndale: team camps, competitions at other schools/towns

Athletes/Activity participants must have an up to date online eligibility form, and athletes must have an up to date physical. Additionally, students must follow the transportation guidelines listed below.

Transportation Guidelines to Events outside of Whatcom County:
•District vehicles will be the primary source of transportation.
•If District vehicles are not available; transportation will be arranged by the Coaches, utilizing private vehicles and car pooling. No 15-passenger vans allowed.
•Regardless, of whether District vehicles or private vehicles are utilized all drivers must be over 21 and must have filled out proper approval forms.
•Under no conditions may students drive themselves or others to away events outside of Whatcom County.

Transportation Guidelines to Events in Whatcom County:
•Transportation to summer events in Whatcom County are the sole responsibility of the participant and/or parent/guardian.
•Ferndale School District neither provides nor supervises transportation to any summer events in Whatcom County.
•The school district’s insurance policy does not cover injuries associated with private transportation, therefore, each student and parent are assuming the risks associated with the transportation to and from Summer events in Whatcom County.

In choosing to let your student participate in the above activities, you agree to hold harmless and indemnify, in case of accident or injury, the Ferndale School District, its employees, agents or volunteers.

During the School Year Athletics and Activities

Students in grades 6 through 12 enjoy an array of activities and athletics in the Ferndale School District.

We know that students who are involved in aftershool activities and sports are more successful in academics.

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Ferndale High School Sports

Athletic Contacts for Middle and High School Sports

Director of Athletics & Activities
Eric Tripp

Administrative Assistant
Katie Kruckeberg

ASB Administrative Assistant
Cathy Howard

Horizon Middle School
Tim Keigley

Vista Middle School
Julia Besola