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Covid-19 Updates


The purpose of this communication is to be transparent about what is happening in relation to the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic on students and staff in the Ferndale School District. Unforeseen circumstances notwithstanding, you will receive an update each workday.

The number of WCHD reports of a Ferndale SD student/staff testing positive received in the past 7 days:

24 (This does not indicate possible transmission on campus)

The number of students/staff on campus during their infectious period identified in the past week:

14 (This refers to those who test positive who have been on campus during the 48 hours before symptom onset/positive test, whichever is sooner. This does not indicate transmission.)

Please note that maintaining social distancing, vaccinations-including boosters and wearing high quality masks, even when positive cases are on campus, will avoid both transmission and the need for quarantine.

After living with the COVID 19 pandemic, we now realize that case rates are not the determining factor in the safety within our district. However, we understand that, for some people, knowing this rate is important. The latest Whatcom County rate of newly diagnosed COVID -19 cases can be found the Department of Health Website.

  • Go to the second tab, “Epidemiological Curve”
  • Select “Whatcom” County
  • Change “Count” to “rate”
  • Change 7-day to 14-day
  • The blue dot is the latest confirmed rate and the grey dotted line is the most recent numbers, which is incomplete

Below you will find a direct link to our updated COVID-19 Reopening FAQ document for your reference.