We Are Ferndale

The We Are Ferndale blog series features stories from people throughout the Ferndale community and is curated by the Ferndale School District. Click on the title of a post to read it.

Lunch with Leaders is a Ferndale Futures event and returns in 2019-2020 with three event dates planned.

Community Support Spotlight

October 2, 2019

Each year the Ferndale School District Student Services Department works to provide a variety of services, programs and resources to meet unique needs of students. In providing resources, Ferndale School District benefits from and is grateful for the many community-school partnerships and donations to support students and staff throughout the year.

Two apples sit together on Boys & Girls Club Director Kelsey Green’s desk. A Mountain View Elementary School yearbook is open to the first grade class of 1997-1998. She is smiling and it is impossible to miss the joy in her eyes as she shares.