We Are Ferndale

The We Are Ferndale blog series features stories from people throughout the Ferndale community and is curated by the Ferndale School District. Click on the title of a post to read it.

December Community Questions

December 18, 2018

Superintendent Linda Quinn answers questions received throughout the month.

2018 is the ninth year that Ferndale School District Administrative Services Director Tammy Bengen has coordinated the United Way campaign at the Ferndale School District. "I'm passionate, and I know our staff is too, about supporting people in need in our community. I believe in the work of United Way—helping to provide basic needs, creating economic mobility and breaking the cycle of poverty—right here in Whatcom County," said Bengen. She reports, “This year, we had 47 persons contribute a total of $9,727 to United Way. That is an increase of 13 people giving from last year and the amount increased by almost $1200!”

November Community Questions

November 30, 2018

Community questions from November 2018.