We Are Ferndale

The We Are Ferndale blog series features stories from people throughout the Ferndale community and is curated by the Ferndale School District. Click on the title of a post to read it.

What’s your plan for childcare and activities over the summer? If your answer is “I don’t know yet,” Ferndale Boys & Girls Club Director Samantha Dennison encourages you to check out the Ferndale Boys & Girls Club. “I am so excited for what we have planned here in Ferndale this year. Each week has a special focus. Our 2019 Summer Schedule includes science, water, building, superheroes and international travel to name a few.” When asked why parents should be thinking early about summer plans, Dennison says, “We have 20 spots to fill at the Ferndale Club. We need to fill those spots early so that we know how to staff our club over the summer.”

Every year, each school works with a school improvement plan focused on increasing academic achievement. An example of the commitment to the student achievement priority can be seen at Horizon Middle School, where Horizon Principal Faye Britt and her staff have developed a strategy to improve academic vocabulary for students.

For a program spotlight, the theatre directors Rachel Pringle and Crissy Ford recently sat down to talk about Ferndale High School Theatre and share insights into work that goes into a production. Additionally, Frances Genger shared about the recent Young Americans Peforming Arts Workshop in the Ferndale School District.