Snow Make-Up Days

We had 5 Snow Days in the Ferndale School District in February 2019. You may be wondering what the district will do to make up those days. The plan makes a few adjustments to our previously released schedule.

Those changes are as follows:



(OLD) March 13th – Early Release

(NEW) March 13th – full day – no early release

(OLD) June 14th – Early Release - Last day of school

(NEW) June 14th – full day – no early release – no longer the last day of school


(NEW) June 17th – full day (1st make-up day)

(NEW) June 18th – full day (2nd make-up day)

(NEW) June 19th – early release day – LAST DAY OF THE 2018-2019 School Year (3rd make-up day)

**The Ferndale School District has applied for two waiver days.
We expect that we will need to make-up for 3 out of 5 snow-days as a result.


Seniors are released 8 days prior to other students. By law, school districts must provide 175 instructional days to Grade 12 (Seniors). We want to make sure that our Seniors graduate on the planned date – June 8th. To make this possible, Seniors will be assigned two Saturdays:

  • May 4th 8:00 AM – 11:15 AM
  • May 11th 8:00 AM – 11:15 AM


Will graduation be affected?

No. Graduation will take place on June 8th as planned. Two Saturdays in May have been planned for Senior Make-Up days: May 4th 8:00 – 11:15 and May 11th 8:00 – 11:15.

Why do we need to make up snow days in the first place?

The Ferndale School District had five snow-related closures in February 2019. When schools cancel for snow days and other un-anticipated events, it reduces the planned amount number of instructional days and hours in the school year. State of Washington requires that school districts offer 1027 instructional hours and 180 days each school year. Although school districts can apply for a limited number of waiver days, the number of hours cannot be changed.  

Can’t we just waive snow day related absences?

State law allows the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) to waive missed school days, and school districts will have the opportunity to apply to waive days that were missed while the state of emergency was in effect. However, there is no legal authority to waive the mandatory average of 1,027 hours of instruction for students.

What is the District doing to communicate with students, families and community about these changes?

Our plan includes changes to the existing calendar. We know that this can create challenges for families so we are doing all we can to get the word out including:

  • Postcards home with students at the Elementary level; mailed to families at the secondary level (March)
  • Communication via social media (end of February)
  • Communication via emailnewsletter (end of February)
  • Calls to families
  • Emails to families
  • Inclass announcements
  • Posted information at each school building
  • Media release (will also share with community partners such as daycares, preschools and after school care facilities)

Where can I go for more information?

To refer to this information in the future:
For more information about OSPI’s waiver process: