5th Grade Teacher Ann Scheck: This Village Inspires

Teacher Appreciation Week - Ann Scheck Photo

Ann Scheck has been a teacher in the Ferndale School District for almost four decades. During that time, she has taught 4th and 5th grade. Scheck has been a teacher at Eagleridge since it opened and will be retiring at the end of the 2018-2019 school year.  

Ann says that her career always made sense to her, “I have always wanted to work with kids. I really never pictured myself doing anything else. I knew from a very young age that this is what I would do with my life.” Ask anyone who has spent time with Ann and they will tell you that her life’s work has been a success.  

“Ann has had a tremendous impact on this school,” says Eagleridge Principal Mischa Burnett. “She creates a daily classroom environment in which all students can learn. She loves her students immensely, and that manifests in her work ethic to do right by them. She makes connections with her students and really holds them to high expectations – and leads by example every step of the way.” 

When asked about her best day as a teacher, Scheck says, “My best days as a teacher happen when a student does some random act of kindness for another student and realizes they just made a difference in that child’s life.” 

That realization? That is empathy and that kind of impact cannot be overstated.  

Superintendent Linda Quinn says, “Empathy is like magic. It turns kids on to kindness, compassion and opens their hearts to each other. When kids learn empathy, they learn to be better citizens in this community. Ann Scheck inspires kids to learn empathy and to develop kindness towards each other. We have been so fortunate to have Ann as a teacher in the Ferndale School District and I wish her much happiness in retirement.” 

Reflecting on her years as a teacher, Scheck talked about a student she most remembers, “I had a boy one year who did not have a mother in his life. He was struggling at home and at school. I spent many hours working with him at school and he also joined my kids and I for dinner many nights and homework help after. We spent time including him in many of our family activities and he bonded with my son who ended up mentoring him for couple of years. I still keep in contact with him.”  

Ann talks about her career at the Ferndale School District to this point, “The people at my school work so hard to make a better life for the kids they work with. They are truly a Village of adults who love what they do and care so much about the kids they work with. I have never seen more dedicated people.” 

You have been an important part of this Village, Mrs. Sheck. Thank you for your service to Ferndale kids!  


This story is brought to you as part of a series of stories about our teachers in the Ferndale School District. Teacher Appreciation Week is being celebrated May 6th – May 10th in the Ferndale School District and around the country.