Announcement: Community Bond Oversight Committee to Host Listening Sessions

Listening Sessions Graphic

The Ferndale School District and the Community Bond Oversight Committee have announced two listening sessions in October:

  • Monday, October 15 at North Bellingham Learning Center from 6 pm to 7 pm

  • Tuesday, October 16 at Custer Elementary from 7 pm to 8 pm 

The listening sessions provide opportunities for the Community to meet members of the Oversight Committee and to engage in two-way conversation regarding the Committee’s role and plans going forward. All community members are invited and encouraged to attend.

“The Ferndale School Board is not waiting until November to see if the Bond passes. We want to empower this oversight process as early as possible and we want our community to be part of that,” says Ferndale School District Board President Dr. Kevin Erickson. “As a School Board, we are very supportive of the Oversight Committee.” 

The school board created the Oversight Committee based on the recommendation from the Bond Task Force. The group will choose officers and determine the structure and meeting cadence necessary to complete their work as an independent advisor to the board. The Ferndale School Board has committed to provide full access to all Bond-related material and provide the staff support the Committee needs to fulfill their work.  

Bond Oversight Committee Members, previously announced on September 26th include: Riley Cornelsen, Anya Milton, Bo Smith, Dan Cornelsen, Adam Rustad, Sandi McMillan, and Mark Harting. 

All Oversight Committee members applied for consideration (that application can be found here) and met the following requirements:

  • Must be a resident of the Ferndale School District

  • Cannot be a Ferndale School District employee, vendor, contractor, or consultant

  • Cannot be a City of Ferndale employee, consultant, or elected official

  • Must be willing to commit to the multi-year timeframe of the Bond construction process

  • Experience in construction, engineering, and/or project management is highly desired

The Ferndale School Board has proposed a bond package to Ferndale voters in November. Ferndale voters will have the opportunity to vote on the Ferndale School Bond package in the November 2018 General Election. 



Community Oversight Committee: to ensure that bond funds are spent according to what is detailed in the bond

package, and that all projects are implemented as planned.

NEW Ferndale High School $105 Million

Modernize existing Performing Arts Center at Ferndale High School: $2 Million

Critical Needs (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, roofing): $4 Million

Safety & Security at all FSD buildings: $1 Million

Total Recommended: $112 Million