Ferndale School District Announces New Bond Info Website www.weareferndale.org

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The Ferndale School District has launched a new website with info about the 2018 Proposed School Bond.

Want to know about the Community Oversight Committee? That information can be found on the website www.weareferndale.org.

What to know about the process of developing the Bond or the expected Tax Impact? That information can be found on the website www.weareferndale.org.

In addition to information, Ferndale School District Superintendent Dr. Linda Quinn says that she values the stories shared through the website, “When we created this resource, we knew we wanted it to be a reflection of the community process that went into building this bond proposal. We wanted stories and video to be part of the information package. The resulting website, www.weareferndale.org, is dynamic and accessible and easy to navigate.”

Ann Serwold, Executive Director of the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce agrees. “I think the Community will find this to be a useful tool. Our members want to know the details of tax impact, and information about construction plans. This website helps answer questions and that is really important.”

Dr. Quinn goes on to say, “The website will be great for some people but others may want to connect in person and we have created lots of opportunities for that type of connection as well. We want to make sure that people know they can find us in-person over the summer.”

Summer In-Person Connection Opportunities:

Wednesday Morning Coffee Meetings in August Wednesday Afternoon Info Booth through November

8:00 AM – 10:00 AM  

4:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Woods Coffee, Ferndale

Grocery Outlet, Ferndale