Former Astronaut Wendy Lawrence, “Bond means Ferndale kids get to dream big.”

Former Astronaut Wendy Lawrence pictured in space suit

She has been to space. She is a graduate of the Naval Academy in Annapolis. She served in the US Navy. She is Wendy Lawrence and she says that education made all of these things possible for her.

That belief fueled Lawrence to get involved as a Bond Task Force member in order to put together a bond package that reflects the needs of the Ferndale Community.

Lawrence says, “All kids deserve the opportunity to gain the skills and abilities they need to pursue their dreams. This proposed bond will provide Ferndale kids with the same opportunities that allowed me to accomplish my dreams. If the bond passes, the new high school will have modern classrooms, Career and Technical Education (CTE) spaces and science labs. The bond will also provide safe entrances to schools, roofs that do not leak and much more. For me, here’s what is most important. This is a community-developed bond. And it is a well thought out reflection of the needs of our district and the values of this community.”

In addition to a new Ferndale High School, a renovated Performing Arts Center, Critical Maintenance needs, and Safety projects – a central piece of the Bond proposal is oversight and accountability. That accountability comes in the form of the proposed Community Oversight Committee. If voters pass the Bond in November, an Oversight Committee will be formed. That Committee will be made up of residents living inside Ferndale School District boundaries. Employees of the Ferndale School District and the City of Ferndale may not serve on the Committee but all others are encouraged to apply. Those interested in applying should contact community volunteer Riley Cornelsen at .

Tax impact chartLawrence was happy to be part of the Task Force that created the Bond package. She is also enthusiastic about the Oversight Committee. But she thinks that fellow Ferndale residents may share her interest in the tax impact. “We have this great window in time when the landscape for education funding shifts and Ferndale taxpayers will benefit from that.” The reason is this: the State of Washington changed education funding. Part of that change includes lowering local education taxes starting in 2019. That change, paired with the current Ferndale bond retiring in 2021 means that starting in 2023, tax impact will actually go down compared to 2017 rates.

For more information, please visit the District’s website at: or contact Mark Deebach at