Athletic Eligibility Online Instructions

Go directly to Skyward Family Access

View instructions below.

Ferndale School District Eligibility Forms are now available for families to complete electronically online through Family Access for 7th – 12th Grade Participation in Extra Curricular Athletics and Activities ~ Any student wanting to participate in an activity or sport will need to complete the online athletic/activity packet for the 2018-19 school year to be eligible. If your student plans on participating in a sport, they will need a current physical on file in the office and you may print a form and then scan and submit the physical form once completed online through this process. Ferndale High School athlete’s physicals as good for 13 months and Ferndale Middle School athlete’s physicals are good for 2 years.

You will need to sign into your Family Access account via the Ferndale School District Website – and follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Skyward Family Access page HERE.
  2. Log in to your Family Access account. If you have forgotten your login information please contact your school office.
  3. Once logged in, click on Online Forms and choose which of your students you would like to complete the forms for at this time.  You can always save your forms and return to complete them at a later time if necessary.
  4. Make sure to complete each step in the online form. You will have the opportunity to return to any step you have missed before submitting.
  5. You will need to complete the following steps to be eligible:
    1. Athletic Eligibility Form
    2. Athletic Health & Medical Info Form
    3. Whatcom County Pre-Participation Sports Physical Exam Form
    4. Completed Sports Physical Exam Form
    5. Ferndale School District Co-Curricular Handbook
    6. Concussion Information for Youth Sports (Read more at this link CDC Heads Up)
    7. Sudden Cardiac Arrest (Read more information at WIAA)
    8. Summer Permission Form
    9. Athletic Acknowledgment Form
  6. Complete Athletic Participation Packet
  7. The final step is to have your student sign into their Skyward Student Access account to electronically sign the one-page form in their account. Students participating in activities only will not need a physical.
  8. Once these steps are completed, your student will need to check in with the ASB office in their school to make sure they do not have any outstanding fines. They will need to pay their ASB fees ($40.00) and the Participation Fee ($60.00 - Free and reduced lunch rates are available for this) prior to participating in their sport or activity. 
  9. You may scan a copy of your child’s completed physical and attach it at this point or you may bring a copy of the completed physical into your child’s school. You may still submit the remainder of the forms for your student to participate. All athletes must have a current physical on file to be cleared for participation.
  10. Student/Parent Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Form (Read the information at this link Form)
    Ferndale High School believes participation in athletics improves physical fitness, coordination, self-discipline, and gives students valuable opportunities to learn important social and life skills.
    With this in mind it is important that we do as much as possible to create and maintain an enjoyable and safe environment. As a parent/guardian or student you play a vital role in protecting participants and helping them get the best from sport.
    Player and parental education in this area is crucial which is the reason for the Concussion Management and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness pamphlet you received. Refer to it regularly.
    This form must be signed annually by the parent/guardian and student prior to participation in “Name of School / School District” athletics. If you have questions regarding any of the information provided in the pamphlet, please contact the athletic director at your school.


  1. Make sure you have hit the final Submit button on the Online Forms page of Family Access.
  2. Have your student sign into their Student Access account to electronically sign the one-page form in their account.
  3. Have your student check in with the ASB office to make sure they do not have any fines.
  4. Pay ASB and Annual Participation Fes prior to participating in any Sport or Activity. 
  5. Check in with Athletic/Activity office to make sure student is passing all classes and that all paperwork is completed. Student will receive a clearance slip to give to their coach
  6. Contact your school’s office for any questions.