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Kiwanis Student of the Month January 2024: Mallory Butenschoen

Throughout her four years at FHS, senior Mallory Butenschoen has been a leader on and off the court. Not only has she been a member of student leadership and National Honors Society for the past three years, but she is also a varsity athlete in volleyball, basketball, and softball.

In particular, Butenschoen has seen a lot of success on the volleyball court. This year, she was named to the All-Conference Second Team, and helped lead her team to the state tournament in 2022 and 2021.

“Sports are important to me because they have given me an opportunity to make memorable friendships that will last a lifetime, along with teaching me some of life’s most important lessons, like teamwork and time management,” Butenschoen said.

Often, Butenschoen’s athletic and leadership skills intersect. She recently received the Northwest Conference Athletic Leadership Award, and frequently volunteers for the Ferndale Youth Sports program as an umpire and referee. She also, along with fellow FHS senior Bishop Ootsey, led an effort for local youth basketball players to attend FHS trainings.

“Bishop and I have a heart for the youth in our community,” Butenschoen said.

Within the high school, Butenschoen has helped organize multiple events welcoming and celebrating FHS’ youngest students, such as planning the annual Freshman Orientation. Last year, she was part of the leadership team leading the Freshman Celebrations, where one ninth grader per day received a minute-long burst of recognition, complete with a red carpet and gifts.

“A warm welcome helps everyone feel included and valued, therefore (these activities) set a positive tone from day one of our ninth graders’ high school experience,” she said. “Freshmen are nervous about the unknown, so orientation helps to take some of that worry away.”

Butenschoen said the most influential person in her life is her mom, Custer Elementary School paraeducator Stephanie Butenshoen.

“My mom used to coach my softball, volleyball, and basketball teams when I was younger, which has not only shaped me into the athlete I am, but has also shaped me into the person I am today,” she said. “She has always supported me and been willing to help me with anything I need.”

Butenschoen has committed to playing volleyball and softball at Wenatchee Valley College after she graduates this June. She plans to earn her teaching certificate in either secondary mathematics or elementary education.

“I want to continue to stay in schools and help other students succeed,” she said.