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Ferndale High School senior Harnoor Saran is the Kiwanis Student of the Month for October. She was honored for her leadership skills, along with her academic and athletic success.

Harnoor is FHS’ Senior Class Secretary and the community service coordinator for the school’s leadership program. She wrote that winning a student election is something she’s proud of, because she always wanted to run for office.

To keep her fellow FHS students connected to their school, Harnoor runs the @ferndalestudents and @FHSseniors2022 Instagram accounts. Although not directly affiliated with the high school, Harnoor uses the Instagram pages to keep Ferndale students informed about events, broadcast Golden Eagles athletic teams’ scores and promote school spirit – particularly among younger, newer students.

“My main goal with this was to hopefully get more freshmen and sophomores involved, since this is their first normal year and they may be nervous,” she wrote. “The posts can encourage them to come (to games).”

Harnoor believes one of the biggest challenges Ferndale High students face is the difficulty of forming strong relationships. Particularly for students who studied at home for many months due to the pandemic, some have had a difficult time meeting new people recently, she wrote.

“To begin to solve this, I’ve personally just began talking to new people and encouraging others to do the same,” Harnoor wrote. “This may seem small for someone, but it could save the other person’s life by making them feel like they matter and have importance/meaning.”

Harnoor is an accomplished field hockey and tennis player. She’s the captain of the FHS varsity tennis team, and recently won the MVP for the Field Hockey British Columbia Regional Team.

Harnoor also succeeds in the classroom, where her 3.85 grade point average earned her a spot on the honor roll.  After graduating high school, she plans to attend an in-state university – either the University of Washington, Washington State University or Western Washington University – and study education and business. Eventually, Harnoor hopes to become a teacher.

Harnoor wrote that the most influential person in her life so far is her dad – a truck driver who showed her the importance of hard work.

“He always told me that being truthful and honest pays off in the end,” she wrote. “These words have shaped who I am today.”

Harnoor Saran photo