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What are FHS Food Service Staff Most Excited About in the New Kitchen?

Melissa Bjorklund (2 years working in FHS kitchen): “At the end of the day, I do all the dishes, so I’m excited for a new dish room. A new dishwasher, new everything.” 

Dawn Honcoop (6 years): New, shiny equipment and an efficient layout for food prep and serving. 

Dianne Owen (7 years): “All the new equipment, because a lot of our current equipment doesn’t work anymore, it’s so ancient. (For example), we’ll have a flash-freezer, so we can cool down our food quickly, which is super important for health reasons.” 

Jayme Roegele (4 years): “I’m most excited for new equipment, better flow for our staff and students. New fridges, new freezers, everything.” 

Tracy Strissel (2 years): “The flow will be better. When students come in, they’ll be able to look around and choose different items, rather than everyone just standing in a big, long line.” 

Julie Walker (24 years): New everything in the kitchen, and a new school overall for students. “Everyone deserves to have a new school.”