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Position with district: 

Family liaison and translator for Latinx families

What part of Latin America are you from? 

Born and raised in Mexico (Mexico City and state of Chihuahua).

What do you love most about your culture? 

Boyle: “The warm personalities and people, the different types of food. Even though Mexico is one country, there’s different traditions, different customs, different food. And you have all kinds of different weather. It’s a very rich country.”

Why is Latinx Heritage Month important to you?

Boyle: “Because it’s my heritage, it’s part of who I am.”

What is your favorite Mexican food?

Boyle: “I have so many! I used to love my mom’s cooking, especially when she made sopes. They’re little corn tortillas that you pinch around, and you put different stuff in there.”

How do you help local Latinx families in your position with the school district?

Boyle: “Ferndale School District, like any other school district, has many different types of people and cultures. One of them is the Latino American culture. Just to provide them with the information, the tools, the support that they need, to let parents know what they need to do or who they need to contact -- that is important. It’s important to have someone understand them, language-wise, and to guide them in the right direction. Sometimes, the language barrier is difficult for some families.”

Final thoughts?

“For me, it’s a privilege to work with our (Latinx) families, to help them.”