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Meet Kwabena Ledbetter, the new Student Representative to the School Board

Kwabena Ledbetter, an incoming junior at Ferndale High School, was sworn in as the Ferndale School Board’s newest student representative at the June 28 regular meeting. 

Ledbetter said his leadership teacher, Marty Moravec, encouraged him and other leadership students to apply for the open position. And when the Board selected him as the new student representative in May, Ledbetter said he was surprised. 

“In my mind, it would’ve been a win if any of the finalists were chosen,” he said. “It was tough competition!” 

Still, Ledbetter, 16, said he was excited to join the Board as one of their two student representatives, succeeding FHS graduate Cuong Nguyen, who just ended his two-year term. The other student representative, incoming senior Jazzie Gonzales, began her tenure in June 2021. 

Ledbetter said one of his main goals during his two-year tenure is to emphasize the importance of strong communication between the Board and Ferndale’s students and staff. 

“Improving communication not only benefits the Board, but it benefits everyone,” he said. “It ensures that everyone knows what’s going on.” 

Ledbetter grew up in Prince George’s County, Maryland, near Washington D.C., and moved to Ferndale in 2019. He is deeply engrained in the FHS community as a member of student leadership and a participant in multiple extracurricular activities. Ledbetter runs for Golden Eagles’ cross-country team, races the 200 and 400 meters in track, and plays the French horn in FHS’ band. 

Ferndale School District’s strong support of its extracurricular programs is something Ledbetter appreciates. In his previous school in Maryland, the band program had little funding, but in Ferndale, there is more support for the music program, he said.  

“I think that’s a testament to how Ferndale treats extracurricular activities – it’s not just some second-rate thing, it really is super important,” Ledbetter said. 

Ledbetter’s favorite subjects in school are chemistry and math, he said. 

“The feeling of being able to do a set of problems is a really good feeling, and the fact that I can grasp hard concepts is kind of cool,” he said about the subjects. 

Despite not expecting to graduate high school until 2024, Ledbetter already has a specific field he hopes study and eventually work in: meteorology. He has been entranced by the weather since he was a small child watching the East Coast’s storms, he said. 

“I like scenery in general, and I like how the landscape changes when the weather changes,” he said. 


  • Favorite food: spaghetti with meat sauce 

  • Favorite hobby: Playing flight simulator on PC 

  • Favorite movie: The LEGO Movie 

  • If he could meet any celebrity, dead or alive: Jim Cantore (meteorologist) 

  • Who he would cast to play him in a movie about his life: Denzel Washington