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"Community Sock Box" a Community Service Project

Before the pandemic struck, Horizon Middle School Teacher Mr. Terence Diffley and his 7th grade advisory students began working on a service project called the “Community Sock Box” with the goal of addressing a community need. Their project involves providing a place for people either to contribute or receive clean, dry socks. Their purpose is to build a stronger community starting with the foundation of healthy and comfortable feet.

Unfortunately, the project had to be put on hold in 2020 due to Covid-19, but this temporary delay did not deter the now 8th grade advisory class from bringing their vision to life. With a grant from the Whatcom Community foundation to pay for the construction of the box and graphics, they now have their Community Sock Boxcommunity sock box nearly complete, and they are awaiting determination of its final resting spot in Bellingham, where they have found the need is greatest.

Speaking on behalf of her peers, Brooklynn Donovan, one of the 8th grade students who began working on this project over a year ago, said, “It is very important to me and the rest of my class that we can get the box out on the streets as fast as possible to start helping people.” The service project involved designing the box, figuring out how to introduce it to the public, and researching a location that would best match community needs.

We are proud of Mr. Diffley’s 8th Grade Advisory class for bringing their vision to life and helping to build a stronger community despite all of the challenges of the past year.