Advisory Committees and Task Forces

An Advisory Committee is an ongoing group that serves as a continuous source of input and feedback for the school board and the district administration. We encourage you to partner with us by joining one of the committees.

A Task Force is a group who serves for a limited time period and focuses on a single topic. Task forces make recommendations to the district administration and board of directors.

The Communications Advisory Committee (CAC) was implemented in 2011. Its overarching goal is to recommend actions to the school board and administration that will improve communications within Ferndale schools, and between the district and its constituents. This group of community members, parents, teachers, support staff and administrators has educated itself about the latest and most effective trends in school district information. They have become experts in the current state of communication in our district. CAC meets on the first Thursday of each month during the school year months.

Purposes of CAC

  • Assess the current state of communications in the Ferndale School District.
  • Research best practices related to school district communications.
  • Examine the needs of students and staff in relationship to communication.
  • Create a vision and plan for effective communication in Ferndale.
  • Make recommendations regarding the implementation of the plan to the school board and the executive team.

School Board Commitment No. 2 Guides the Committee’s Work
Commitment to Communicating Openly and Effectively

We know that good communication is vital to the success of any organization. For our public school system, regular, transparent, inclusive, two-way communication is critical at all levels with students, staff, parents and community members. (View the 6 Strategic Commitments developed by the Ferndale School District School Board here)

If you have questions about the Communications Advisory Committee, contact Tammy Bengen via email or (360) 383-9207.

If you are interested in joining this committee, please download the invitation below or contact Tammy Bengen via email or (360) 383-9207.
Communications Advisory Committee Invitation

CAC Members

Tammy Bengen
District Director of Administrative Services

Dustin Brittain
Business Partner (AXA Advisors), Community Member

Jeff Callender
Community Member

Brandi Civico
Business Partner (Phillips66)

Laura Collins
Parent, Community Member

Kendra Cristelli
Parent, Support Officer

Dr. Paul Douglas
District Executive Director of Student Services

Susan Edwards
District Para-Educator

Rusti Elefson
Parent, Business Partner (People's Bank), Community Member

Rob Fickeisen
Parent, Business Partner, Community Member

Emily Heiser
Business Partner
(2nd Avenue Sports)

Wendy Lawrence
Community Member

Belsa Martinez

Ashley Meyer

Anya Milton
Boys & Girls Club Director

Ron Palmer
District Electrician

Dr. Linda Quinn
District Superintendent

Ann Serwold
Ferndale Chamber of Commerce Executive Director

Carma Sorensen

Josh Summers
Business Partner (Phillips66)

Riley Sweeney
City of Ferndale Communications Officer

Bill Tipton
Skyline Principal

Bobbi Virta
United Church of Ferndale Pastor

Erin Vincent
District Communications Coordinator, Parent

The Facilities Advisory Committee is comprised of a cross-section of stakeholders from the community and district who are identified through an application process to serve two to three year terms.

The committee:

  • researches best practices in education and the facilities needed to support such practices;
  • develops a long-range vision for Ferndale’s educational facilities;
  • examines the needs of students and staff across the district as they relate to the condition of their learning environments;
  • assesses the state of the district’s current facilities in terms of identified needs and long-range vision;
  • creates a comprehensive, prioritized list of immediate and long-term facilities projects; and
  • makes recommendation to the school board concerning the next steps for addressing needs and realizing the vision.

Purposes of Graduation Advisory Committee

  • Assess the current dropout rate in the Ferndale School District
  • Connect dropout rate to graduation measures
  • Research common obstacles in our system that our students encounter which may lead them to dropping out
  • Research and report out possible solutions that will reduce the dropout rate in the Ferndale School District.

Our district Multicultural Advisory Committee has been active since 2011. The work is to review how the district honors, celebrates and embraces our diverse community. Membership includes staff, parents,  and community members.  We extend a special invitation to our students.

School Board Commitment #4. Commitment to Honoring, Celebrating, and Embracing Our Diverse Community We understand that our public schools belong to our entire community, and our diversity makes us stronger. To capitalize on this strength, we are dedicated to energizing and integrating all aspects of our community in support of our children and their learning. (View the 5 Strategic Commitments developed by the Ferndale School District School Board here)

Our board-directed mission is to bring together a group of experts with specific skills to help improve the safety of our children by evaluating and improving upon systems that are currently in place. The initial impetus came as a result of the horrific events that took place December 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary. We began meeting weekly with the Ferndale Police Department, mapping projects, meeting with our principals, and identifying inconsistencies and vulnerabilities within our district.

A recommendation was made to form a committee that would help us reinvent ourselves and our work. We have a talented group of members and welcome inquiries of those interested in joining our committee.

If you have questions about the Safety Advisory Committee, contact Mark Deebach’s assistant, Tammy Longstaff via email or 360-383-9203.

The Student Advisory Committee met from January 2015 to June 2016. At that time, this committee was open to all interested Ferndale students in grades 5-12. It was facilitated by Superintendent Linda Quinn and School Board Members Lee Anne Riddle, Payton Nelson and Liam DeLara.

Beginning with the 2016-2017 school year, the ways in which the committee gathered information changed. Led by Student School Board Members Ben Bagley and Jeremy Knapp, and Superintendent Linda Quinn, meetings with students began taking place during the school day at both Ferndale High and Windward High schools.

We want students to be able to voice their opinions and make recommendations about issues of importance to them. America’s democratic system is rooted in the belief that all citizens who are affected by a system should have a voice in how it is run.

If you have questions about student voice in our schools, contact Superintendent Linda Quinn via email or 360.383.9207

Our mission is to prepare students to be productive, caring adults who are well-equipped to function successfully in a 21st century global society. Since understanding and using technology are integral to nearly every other aspect of 21st century life, we must also ensure our students and teachers are proficient users of technology to enhance the learning process in our schools.