Ferndale Family Connections

It is a core belief of the Ferndale Family Connections program that parents are the primary educators of their children, and that the role of the program is to provide supplemental services in support of home learning.  This partnership between parent and school creates the best opportunity for children to grow and learn.  

Ferndale parents and Ferndale School officials formed a Design Team in November 2017 to begin creating the Ferndale Family Connections program.  Our program will be offering both supplemental educational services for CORE, as well as electives.  Our Design Team is intent on building into our class schedule community based courses built around parent and student interest.  

All students enrolled in the Ferndale Family Connections program will have a Written Student Learning Plan designed collaboratively with parents, students and certificated staff.  The plan will be unique to each student, and will reflect what parents understand about their student’s learning style, interests, academic strengths, and challenges.  

The program will meet all Washington State requirements as an Alternative Learning Experience.

Open Enrollment Packets Available at the Ferndale School District Administrative Offices
6041 Vista Drive, Ferndale WA 98248
Session Begins: April 10, 2018

Ferndale Family Connections Teachers:

Blayne Lambert

A bit about me: 

"I am Blayne Lambert, a new addition to the wonderful community of educators in Ferndale School District. I am an enthusiastic and passionate teacher who loves getting to know each of my students individually and finding ways to explore their unique interests. I come with two years of teaching experience and have had the privilege of working with families in a variety of contexts. I am so excited to be a part of the Ferndale Family Connections Program and look forward to partnering with each of you. I know that working together, we can ensure our students reach their highest potential."

Shelly Shockley

A bit about me:

"Hello! My name is Shelly Shockley and I am very excited to return to the Ferndale Schools as a teacher in the new Ferndale Family Connections Program."

"I have spent the last few years living in the Poulsbo area and working as a Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) in the North Kitsap School District primarily in the Learning Assistance Program. Previously I taught elementary students at Skyline and Eagleridge here in Ferndale. I look forward to meeting my new students and their families!" 

Frequently Asked Questions

The 2018 Spring program will open with grades K-8. We believe we can provide a quality program this spring serving this wide of a grade span. Our Fall program will expand to include grades K-10.                                    

Core class (English/Language Arts, Science, Math) Elective courses course such as Art, STEM, and activity-based courses based on student and parent interest.    

New courses are created based on student interest. Staff will create a process for students and parents to provide input into new course options.

A variety of classes to choose from will be offered Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  There will be a one class minimum.  Parents and students will be able to create their own schedules based on interest and student needs.

Parents and students will have access to district resources (curriculum, technology, transportation for field trips, and the partnership library as it builds over time)

Yes (a variety of options for parents will be created).

Location will be determined based upon student learning and program needs.

The Ferndale Family Connection program teachers and staff will hold student interest and family involvement as a priority in the learning process.                                      

Staff- Lea Morris (360)383-9200 lea.morris@ferndalesd.org

Staff - Julia Besola (360)383-9228 julia.besola@ferndalesd.org  

Parent- Christine Altona (360)746-1660 Caltona@rocketmail.com