Welcome to Skyline!

Welcome to Skyline!


Welcome Back Skyline Students and Community!


Dear Skyline Family,

Our Skyline Staff want to take this opportunity to officially welcome you and your students to Skyline Elementary 2015-16.  September is a busy time of year for all of us. Your children are transitioning to a new schedule, and students are coping with both the excitement of a new year and the natural fear that can sometimes go along with it. Similarly, our staff is also excited, nervous, and busy working to make this a year to remember.  However, through all of this, our staff at Skyline wants to be responsive to your needs as a family and make the transition back to school a smooth and valuable one. 

One way of meeting your needs is to host a Back-to-School Night on Thursday, September 17th from 5:30 to 7:30 PM in the classrooms and gymnasium.  Our ultimate goal for this event is to get every single student and family to attend so they have the opportunity to connect with teachers, principal, other students, and families.

Our purpose at Skyline is to teach all children so they can reach their full potential to become purposeful adults who make meaningful contributions to their communities. To fulfill our purpose we recognize how important it is to bridge relationships with all the members of our Skyline Community. This doesn’t happen without opportunities to make meaning together and develop our school culture.  This Open House is one of those important opportunities.  With that said, we encourage and welcome you and your children to attend.


Mr. Tipton   


Below is a schedule for the evening:

We have two classroom sessions with a break in the middle to meet the principal and allow parents with multiple siblings to meet and see different teachers and classrooms. 







5:30 – 6:00



6:00 – 6:30





6:30 – 7:00

Visit first classroom for ½ hour

Talk with and listen to Mr. Tipton for ½ hour & hear from our PTO.

Visit the second classroom for ½ hour